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Communication in Online Chinese classes takes place in Mandarin Chinese with the first lesson! This is an absolutely unique format. For the year of the existence of Online Chinese, we were absolutely sure in practice: studying Chinese online with native speakers is an effective and quick way to learn the language. It's time for you to see this on your own experience!

Our advantages

Native speakers

Online Chinese's teachers, who are native speakers, live and work in China, graduated in the specialty "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language"

Compliance with HSK levels

The system of training in Online Chinese corresponds to the levels of the state examination of knowledge of the Chinese language

Online classes

Students can take lessons anywhere with the Internet

Free teaching materials

Before the beginning of the classes the students get all the necessary materials of the current level

English speaking curator

Throughout the entire period of study, the student can apply for help to his curator

Convenient time of classes

The schedule is composed individually for each student


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Simple steps to become a student of Online Chinese