About us

Online Chinese is an online learning system created by a group of professional teachers, linguists and sinology practitioners. After analyzing the successful experience of the Chinese school and teaching methods, we combined its best elements with the distance learning opportunities on the Internet by teachers from China. In striving for quality and stable results we have laid the foundation for Online Chinese high level of teaching and a clear system of testing students' knowledge at every stage.

In Online Chinese there is a system of both short-term intensive and long-term courses. These courses provide the student with the maximum result at a convenient time, which is solved his language tasks at this level. Such a system is great for those who need to get language skills without interruption from their main activities (study, work, etc.).

What we offer our students

  • Intensive online classes with native speakers for 8-15 hours a week, as well as long courses and individual lessons;
  • classes on the university program without interruption from the main study and work;
  • a combination of the academic approach with a large selection of the schedule;
  • level system, corresponding to HSK (Examination to the level of the Chinese language).

How we do it

  • We cooperate with highly qualified teachers of Chinese as a foreign language, working in the universities of Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, Shanghai;
  • clearly organize the training process - we test future students and distribute them into groups according to levels;
  • we use Chinese teaching materials and teach grammar, listening and speaking practice separately;
  • we are responsible for quality - at the end of the course we conduct full-fledged examinations


What do our students get

  • immersion in the language and live communication in Chinese from the first lesson;
  • "solid" language skills at a single level;
  • essential saving in money compared to teaching in China with the same quality of teaching;
  • saving time and effort compared to slow offline courses;
  • additional language competence to the main specialty.