For corporate clients

When your commercial profit and production efficiency depend on productive communication with Chinese partners and customers, the presence of experts in your area with knowledge of the Chinese language becomes the decisive factor for the further development of your business. After all, we are talking about performing specific professional tasks that are not able to perform a translator and which can only be assigned to your employees.

To help you truly orient your activities in China, we are ready to work with you to implement the following necessary steps:

  • Analyze the communication component of the work of your employees with the Chinese and develop a program of teaching their Chinese language from scratch to today's challenges or in the future;
  • Assess the current level of employees already proficient in the Chinese language and improve their language skills, taking into account the specifics of the work;
  • Create a team of professionals in your industry with knowledge of the Chinese language at a more advanced level to work on long-term projects.

Steps of cooperation:

Step 1: Preliminary negotiations and correspondence, where you set out the specifics of your activity, work tasks and the terms in which employees will have to reach the required working level of the Chinese language. Your application can be sent to:

Step 2: After receiving the necessary information, the Corporate Customer Service Department prepares a future course plan within 3 (three) business days, indicating the time, expected result and cost. The cost depends on the specifics of the client's activity, the specific requirements for the content of the course and other conditions for the provision of the service.

Step 3: After the details are agreed upon between the client and Online Chinese, a contract is concluded, which includes the development of the program and the selection of training materials for specific client tasks, as well as the training course itself.

Step 4: After the client transfers the payment under the contract, Online Chinese prepares a special Chinese language program according to a plan agreed with the client within 10 calendar days.

Stage 5: Online Chinese organizes for the client a specialized Chinese language course in the terms specified in the contract. At the end of the course, the participants take the final exam and receive a Certificate of Success, indicating the name of the course and the number of hours passed.