Base level A2 (HSK2)

You will need 94 hours to reach this level!

The level is for those who have elementary communication skills in the domestic and socio-cultural spheres.


What will you learn:


  • You will finally consolidate the basic skills of phonetics, pronunciation and perception by ear, as well as writing and using hieroglyphs!
  • You will master the basic rules of Chinese grammar!
  • You will be able to communicate on simple, most common topics:
  1. Buying the products, clothing, cash settlement.
  2. Simple description of objects.
  3. Ordering food and drinks in the restaurant
  4. Orientation in space; ask the way; in transport (bus, taxi, airplane).
  5. The daily routine (schedule).
  6. Study abroad, return home.
  7. Finding a job, talking on the phone.
  8. Travel, leisure, sport, competition.
  9. Disease.
  10. Weather, seasons of the year.
  11. Description of objects in space.
  12. Meeting with friends.
  • Your vocabulary will be about 400 words.