Elementary level A1 (HSK1)

You will need 56 hours to reach this level!

The level is for those who have never studied Chinese before.


What will you learn:


  • Native speakers will give you the correct pronunciation!
  • You will learn to read and understand simple texts in pinyin and in hieroglyphs!
  • You will learn the basics of hieroglyphics and start practicing self-writing hieroglyphics!
  • You will assimilate the necessary grammatical and lexical minimum to freely talk with the Chinese on a variety of, primarily, domestic, socio-cultural and educational topics:
  1. Greeting, farewell, gratitude, apology, simple demands, requests, emotions.
  2. A story about yourself, a friend, a teacher (name, surname, age, nationality, appearance, place of residence, place of study / work, telephone number, family, health, tuition, activity, pastime, hobby, etc.)
  3. Arithmetic, quantity, time by hour, time of day, day, week, year.
  4. Eating.
  •  Your vocabulary will be about 150 words.