Intermediate level B1 (HSK3)

You will need 160 hours to reach this level!

The level is figured on those who have basic communication skills in the domestic, socio-cultural and educational spheres.


What will you learn:


  • You will understand the basic ideas of clear messages made in the literary language on various topics.
  • You will be able to communicate in most situations that may arise during your stay in China, make up coherent messages on known or particularly interesting topics that typically arise at work, school, leisure, etc.:
  1. Talk on the phone.
  2. Help a friend.
  3. Detailed description of appearance.
  4. Attractions.
  5. In the cinema, in the hospital, in the gym, in the hotel, in the park, in the exam, in the laundry, in the supermarket, in the market.
  6. Road traffic accident, vehicle repair.
  7. Theft.
  8. At guests, at the birthday.
  9. Congratulations, wishes of success, happiness, etc.
  10. Photographing.
  11. Advertising, etc.
  • You can describe your impressions, events, hopes, aspirations, explain and justify your opinion and plans for the future.
  • Your vocabulary will be about 800 words.